Mighty Toad is a Brooklyn Recording Studio featuring: 
 a 24 Track Studer 827 2-inch recorder, Pro Tools HDX , Trident Console, 
Yamaha C3 Grand piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes,Wurlitzer, Hohner D6 Clavinet Mini-Moog Model D and Prophet 5 , 
Marshal, Fender, and Vox guitar Amps, Ampeg B15, and 60's Ludwig Sparkle kit, 
Neuman, Schoeps, AKG, and Shure microphones, 
Urei, Manley, Drawmer,Telefunken and API outboard gear.
Analog Is Back In Brooklyn!

70$ per hour 2 hour minimum or 600$ per 10 hour lockout  
Lockouts are usually 12noon to 10pm  
All rates include engineer.  Please read rates and studio policies on our rates page for complete information. 
Go to our contact page and send us a message about availability.