Rates and Policies

70$ per hour 2 hour minimum or
600$ per 10 hour lockout 
Lockouts are usually 12noon to 10pm 
Engineer is included. 

If the customer makes a reservation for studio time, a deposit of 50% of the amount due must be made within 24 hours of placing the reservation. Full payment is also accepted. Deposits and payments can be made on our Book page or  directly on PayPal.com using the email address craig@craigdreyer.com
Cash deposits are also accepted by appointment. 

Cancellation policy: 
For single and two day bookings the cancellation period is 48 hours prior to your session, for bookings of 3 days and up, the cancellation period is 10 business days. If a session gets cancelled within less than the applicable time period, any deposit made by the customer is forfeit. The deposit is 50% of the amount due. The customer is responsible for a timely start of the session and will be billed according to the arrangements made herein. Upon completion of the session the customer is responsible for payment of the balance due. If no down payment has been made, Mighty Toad is not responsible for assuring the availability of the studio premises or an engineer. If the session goes into overtime, the customer is billed according to the studio's regular hourly rate (30 min. increments). 

Tapes and Tape rental: 
The customer is responsible for providing tape for all sessions. Analog tape can be ordered from tapes.com (N.R.S.) and www.atrtape.com 

Data Storage: 
The customer is responsible for providing an external hard drive for data storage of all files. A firewire drive is recommended. Backup time is part of your session. 

Liability for data on Mighty Toad Equipment: 
Mighty Toad is not responsible for data lost or corrupted while stored on studio hard drives. The customer is strongly advised to bring his/her own hard drive for file storage. Please note that files and/or Analog tapes will not be stored for longer than 3 months and Mighty Toad is not responsible for storing them beyond that time. 

Please be respectful towards your engineer! 
If you have booked a session of 6 hours or more, it is in your own interest to allow short breaks for the engineer, so the work level stays efficient and consistent throughout your session. 

Studer 827 24 track recorder